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Drug rehab for women can be found at the Orchid Recovery Center. Located in Palm Springs, Florida, the Orchid helps women overcome addictions to drugs and alcohol using traditional and holistic treatment methods. Call 1-888-672-4435 for assistance.

Orchid Recovery Center Gets Social

Orchid Recovery Center The Orchid Recovery Center has come a long way and helped countless number of women overcome their addictions to drugs or alcohol while treating them for any related trauma they might have suffered. Today, in part to Orchid and its rehabilitation program, there are women across the nation who are living a sober life as they leave their addictions behind them. In response to this, Orchid can now be found on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as a way of staying connected with past present and future program graduates. If you want to follow them and be apart of the conversation, here are the links to those profiles.

The rehabilitation center is also currently located in a number of treatment directories including:

About The Orchid

Located in Palm Springs Florida, The Orchid is a great destination for women who want to overcome an addiction to drugs and or alcohol. The centers is a traditional/holistic treatment facility that caters only to women, making it an ideal place for women who have also experienced traumas caused by the men in their lives.