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Drug rehab for women can be found at the Orchid Recovery Center. Located in Palm Springs, Florida, the Orchid helps women overcome addictions to drugs and alcohol using traditional and holistic treatment methods. Call 1-888-672-4435 for assistance.

Orchid Recovery Center Charity Efforts

Orchid CharityThe philosophy at Orchid Recovery Center is one of nurturing and support. Women who are enrolled in the Orchid program are given the tools and support needed to live a sober life long term. As a caring place as a whole, it’s no surprise the good people at Orchid want to help others outside of the treatment program. Orchid Recovery Center Charity is a site dedicated to their charity efforts. One charity in particular is Kiva. Kiva offers micro loans to needy small business owners; loans that are never required to be paid back.  At the Orchid Recovery Center Kiva page, you can help donate to the cause and give a small business owner a fighting change to be successful.